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Electronic & Electrical

       Electronic & electrics and mechanics documents were firstly combined into projects of engineering when Lala was established. However, due to the diverse features and terminology systems of the two fields, we have spared no efforts in the segmentation of engineering while building up the respective term database, especially laying much emphasis on constant updating of high tech new terms. It is out of such keenness and specialization that has shaped us into the professional translation services provider for the high-tech documents with accuracy and clarification. The relationship with Aux, Ningbo Integrated Circuit Center, Global Yusipu Group, Komes Electronics and other prestigious electric and electronic companies is well nourished with our timely and efficient services.Translators of High-tech Electrics and Electronics Documents

The translation services of automotive documents we provide include, but not limited to:
User's Manual, Operational Instruction of products, Security Manual and so on
TUV Certification system documents
Patents and Invention application and registration materials
Company website, brochures in many languages

Clients of long-term cooperation and sample projects
 Aux Group Co. Ltd
Technical Services Manual of Embedded Coil Fan with Ventilation at Four Directions, DC Inverter Multi0Unit Technical Services Manual, Series X Modular Unit Operational Instruction and so on.

 Sunrise Group Co. Ltd
User's Manual for Vacuum Circuit Breaker of ZW58, XGN15-12 Indoor AC Metal Enclosed Ring Network Switch Equipment, Loaded Switch Cable Distribution Box, Company Website and various nameplates and so on

  Ningbo High-Tech District Self Electronics Co. Ltd
2010 Internal Magazine-Self Sales and Purchase Contracts, Technical Data

 Ningbo Degson Electronics Co. Ltd
ADELS Patent (German), Website information translation in ten languages(Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabian)

 Zhejiang Wanpu Electrical Science and Technology Co. Ltd
Wanpu wp-Wanpu wp-1000 Series Wireless Base Station Operational Manual, Electronic Photo Ordering System Application Proposals, Product Catalogue, and Confidentiality Agreement and so on.

 Ningbo Zhongke Integrated Circuit Design Center
Radio Frequency Identification Technologies and Applications, Intelligent Wireless Network Medical Services Monitoring system and so on.

 Ningbo Global Yusipu Electronics Co. Ltd
A wide range of LCD Operational Instructions, diverse product nameplates, TV screen Display. Translation services in many languages including English, Chinese and French.


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