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Automobile and Automotive parts industry has been rapidly developed in the past decade in Ningbo. Since its establishment, Lala has started its long-term cooperative relations with many automotive components manufacturing and marketing companies including Antonlin. With its excellent services, outstanding translator team for automotive projects and the severe quality control system, Lala has set itself up as the leading translation services provider in automobile and automotive industry in Ningbo. Now, we are not only the sole translation agency for enterprises like Antonlin, Hexing, Ningbo Yuejin Automobile Front Axle Company Limited, but also the authorized translation firm for the automotive components associations. In order to better serve our clients, we have further expanded the term bank for automotive industry. The updated glossary lists with clarified bilingual explanation will facilitate our entire translation process.

The translation services of automotive documents we provide include, but not limited to:
Technical standards and criteria
The procedure documents for equipments and components
Processing instructions for components and the corresponding user's manuals
Company's brochure, profile and other publicity materials
Liaison interpretation services and simultaneous services

Clients of long-term cooperation and sample projects

Samples for translation projects

 Ningbo Antonlin Huaxiang Co. Ltd
Standards for Fixture, Emergency Measures for the Accidents during Delivery and Transportation Process, Bar Code Compilation Management Measures, Transferred Iron Container and Cartons Clean-up Administration Measures Tooling and Mold Development Contract. Translation services in many languages including Chinese, English, Spanish and German.

 Ningbo Shuaitelong Autoparts Co. Ltd
Assembly Workshop Operational Instruction Card, Quality of Pulling Handle for the Inner Door, STL Technical Requirements, QC Engineering List, Door Panel Technical Standards and so on. Translation services in many languages including Chinese, English, Japanese and French.

 Hexing Group
** Testing Report, Technical Standards, AUX-In Audio Input-USB Module Test and so on. Translation services in many languages including Chinese and German.

 Ningbo Yuejin Automobile Front Axle Company Limited
Company Profile, Product Catalogue and so on. Translation services in many languages including Chinese and English.

Samples for Interpretation Projects

 Ningbo CSR Times Transducer Technological Co. Ltd
CSR Times and TS-Link of Korea has established close cooperative relationship. Lala provides the interpretation services for the technical support and business negotiations arising during their cooperation, covering the projects of shield doors, security doors and subway tender and so on.

 Ningbo Tianyu Automotive Components Co. Ltd
When Tianyu was undergoing the supply review by Fiat, Lala provided the interpretation services for both parties. The simultaneous interpretation for the telecommuting video conferences and telephone meetings facilitated the entire progress of their cooperation.

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