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       The translation projects of "comprehensive type" have taken up a great proportion of our regular business since the establishment of Lala translation firm. With the accumulation of trust from our clients, the scope of comprehensive translation projects is expanding constantly. From the promotion materials for Youngor, the brief of creatures for the Ocean World to the scripts of TV play series, documentary films, the menu of fancy restaurant and banquets etc., we have been developing with numerous project experiences and respect from our clients. Our translators for the comprehensive projects are armed with excellence in language, sensitivity to the fashion and social trends. Their curiosity, being well informed and resourceful has instilled vividness and creativity into the translation version. The elegant style and delivery of context underlying the words full display their remarkable talents. Highly recognized by the clients, translation versions of Lala have prevailed in many foreign countries through the business projects of international exchange and investment. For instance, we have accomplished the promotion of many cities in China to USA, UK, Spain and Greece on the international stage when serving the business invitation bureaus of district and municipal levels. In turn, many foreign investors are attracted via the translation services of Lala to Ningbo, Zhoushan and other cities in Zhejiang Province, China.

Translation services of comprehensive projects we provide include, but not limited to:
Publicity and promotion materials for companies and cities, mostly brochures and website information
Documents including invitation letters, order of assignment, promotion and transfer report, etc.
Document for the purpose of business, including the agreement of various kinds, contracts, annual reports, and financial statements, etc.
Restaurants' menus, materials of business entertainment and so on
Complete sets of documentation regarding business invitation

Samples of some of the long-term comprehensive translation projects( with description):

 International Publicity Office of CPC Ningbo Committee Binhai Industrial Park, Ningbo Business Investment and Entrepreneurship Center Zhoushan Business Invitation Bureau
Profile Collections of history and celebrities in Ningbo Brief of Yinzhou Business Investment and Entrepreneurship Center Materials of Business Investment for Binhai Industrial Park of Yinzhou District Profile of Zhoushan City Series of documents for Liuheng Business Invitation Projects.

 Youngor Group Co. Ltd
Youngor's Theme of Purchase for the Spring and Summer Seasons of 2010, Brand Stories of GY, Guides for Fashion and Dressing Codes, Invitation Letters for banquet, and so on.

 Ningbo Shenfeng Ocean World
Introduction of Ocean World Brief of Animals Claim of Animals 2008 Creature Rescue Report of the Center, Cross-layer Tunnels, etc.

 Zhejiang Rouse Co. Ltd
Website information, including the profile of the company, the introduction of Rouse subsidiary and Understanding Rouse.

 Ningbo Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau
Zhoushan business invitation documents (76 projects)  the corresponding itinerary and Greece business invitation materials

 New Century Grand Hotel Ningbo
Western Restaurant Wine & Drinks List, Buffet Breakfast, Western Dishes Menu and Vouchers.

 Club of Ningbo Chamber of Commerce
Brief of NCC Club Club Handbook Names of Chambers

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